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Adepte (n)
very skilled or proficient.

Our services

We use a variety of instruments and custom battery of assessments to assist in illuminating different spheres of life, guiding companies in employee recruitment, team building.

Career & Education Guidance

We guide individuals to achieve academic success and foster career satisfaction.

Career and education guidance is crucial in helping individuals make informed choices about their academic and professional journeys. It provides insight into suitable educational paths and career options, aligning personal strengths and interests with market demand. 


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Mental Wellness & Counselling

Counselling offers a safe platform to confront concerns, build coping mechanisms, and increase self-awareness.

Prioritizing mental health and wellness is of paramount importance for numerous reasons. The major outcome is to enhance personal productivity and purpose for a better quality of life. Mental wellness leads to increased productivity, reduced stress, boosted confidence, better sleep, and greater life satisfaction. These practices enhance resilience in adversity and empower individuals to fulfill personal goals.

Our Mission

We at Adepte aspire to effect change by revealing purpose

Adepte was founded with the principal goal of equipping individuals with the knowledge essential for making career and education decisions, for achieving a purposeful and adept life-path.

Today’s economy presents many challenges but, with that, many uncertainties too. We are committed to providing tailored and informed guidance for your or your child’s career path. Using our extensive expertise in psychometry, we are here to help you and your young one navigate this maze of opportunities and unchartered territory.

What is required in the working world can be daunting. Everyone is unique, and we believe that a person’s unique combination of skills, interests and values call them into a specific area. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

As such, we have developed a range of career guidance packages to identify strengths, consider personality, interests and values, and provide vocational direction so that both parent and child can make informed decisions regarding their subject choice and career directions. Let us help you shape the future.

We have completed years of research, and have varied experience in the field of psychometrics and career guidance. This has equipped us with the knowledge and tools, to provide custom tailor-made solutions. Our results assist individuals and organisations to achieve specific goals.

Founded in the the philosophy of living a fuller life, we believe in providing a service to the world by assisting the individual, to find their purpose.

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